David M. Littlefield Photography

David M. Littlefield is an American digital designer, illustrator and photographer living in the United Kingdom. Before moving to the UK, he lived in Beijing, China for four years. Photos cover a fairly broad range of subjects from daily life, travel, adventure, people, and places.

David discovered photography as a student at Duke Ellington, School of the Arts in his hometown, Washington, DC. His first camera was the Pentax K1000. He learned how to shoot black and white photos, develop film and work with prints in the darkroom. David eventually moved on to graphic design and illustration, but never stopped taking photos; eventually making the move to digital. He has used an assortment of point and shoot cameras, the occasional DSLR, and every iPhone he has owned since the original. David now shoots with the Sony a6400 and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

David’s first international trip outside of North American was to Japan for a Buddhist retreat in 2009, taking a few extra days afterward to explore Tokyo. He traveled to Japan two more times, visiting Sado Island in 2012, and Nikko, and Kamakura in 2014. Later that year He went to Europe for the first time, spending the Holiday Season in Copenhagen and the UK.

While living and working in Beijing with his partner in the fall of 2016, David explored much of China, other Asian countries, as well as several countries in Europe. He has circumnavigated the world at least twice since 2016.

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